Educational Trust Promotional Video

Gold Arrow Right Seaford Learning Trust

Inspiring Educational Growth

Client: Seaford Head School

Target: To introduce the trust to society, effectively communicate this vision and the benefits of the trust to a wider audience and encourage other schools to join.

Filming Locations: Seaford, United Kingdom

Objective: The main idea of the promotional video was to emphasise the importance of continuous support and encouragement for students throughout their educational journey, from day one to the end of their studies. By showcasing student experiences, the video illustrated how Seaford Learning Trust’s all-through educational approach nurtures student development at every stage. Testimonials highlighted how the trust’s supportive environment and comprehensive curriculum contribute to seamless transitions and consistent educational growth, underscoring the long-term benefits of sustained guidance and educational consistency. The trust focuses on “achieving excellence together” and the video’s goal was to effectively communicate this vision and the benefits of the trust to a wider audience.

Concept: The video showcased various aspects of the trust’s impact, including student experiences, increased subject specialisation, support for staff, also benefits for parents and carers. By featuring testimonials from students and stakeholders, the video highlighted the trust’s commitment to building strong identities underpinned by shared values, providing broad and balanced curriculums, and supporting seamless transitions for students through different educational stages. It emphasised the inclusive, supportive and enriching environment fostered by the trust​.

Outcomes: The video successfully introduced the idea of the Seaford Learning Trust to society, showcasing its comprehensive educational approach. It played a pivotal role in attracting other schools to join the trust, expanding its influence and reach. The video serves as both an introduction to the trust and an inspiring marketing tool to attract new members, it was highly praised by the trust and its stakeholders, underlining its effectiveness in achieving the set goals.