Outdoor Educational Camp Video Promotion

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Bringing Outdoor Learning to Life

Client: The Big School Camp

Target: To modernise the Big School Camp's presentation, showcasing their unique value proposition in outdoor learning experiences.

Filming Locations: Horsham, Billingshurst, Henfield

Objective: The video intended to highlight how these camps build resilience, strengthen mindsets and engage children with nature, ultimately enhancing the educational environment and attracting new pupils to the schools.

Concept: This promotional video captured the essence of the Big School Camp’s offerings, from setting up full-sized, temporary campsites to a range of activities like obstacle courses and fire-making. Interviews with the company directors and pupils, alongside scenes of engaging activities and learning experiences, provided a vivid portrayal of the camp’s impact on students’ personal, social, and emotional development. The video emphasised the camps’ accessibility to all students, regardless of background or income​​.

Outcomes: The video successfully modernised the presentation of Big School Camp, providing an engaging and dynamic showcase of their services. This promotional video played a significant role in securing new contracts for Big School Camp, demonstrating the effectiveness of their offerings in the education sector. Both, Big School Camp and the participating schools praised the video, recognising its impact on highlighting the value of outdoor learning and its contribution to students’ development. Not only that, the participating schools benefited greatly as the videos we’ve created  served not only as the event coverage, building the excitement, improving social value aspect and inspiring the attendance for the future events, but also as a unique and outstanding standalone marketing tool for schools, helping to attract new pupils.

Conclusion: The promotional video for Big School Camp exemplifies the power of visual storytelling in capturing the essence of educational experiences. Metropolis Visual’s work not only provided an effective marketing tool for Big School Camp but also showcased the transformative impact of outdoor learning, supporting schools in attracting new pupils and enhancing their educational offerings.