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Restaurant video marketing is on the rise.

It’s no longer a case of needing video content – but rather standing out from the crowd. One visit to Instagram will prove that. Approximately 82% of internet traffic will be video-based by the year 2022; 15 times the amount it was in 2017 (Forbes). Our bespoke video production will do just that.

Your restaurant is fantastic, but how will people find out if they don’t know you exist? By targeting the digital market, you are future-proofing your business. Video content helps reach a younger demographic and creates new, long-term customers. More customers creates more buzz and your business continues to flourish.

Metropolis Visual showcases your brand in a way that excites and entertains. People probably aren’t interested in your business plan – unless they’re competitors. But we create content which indirectly draws positive attention to your business and converts to more customers for you. A recipe for success.

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