Chichester Free School

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Chichester Free School

Long-Term Construction Project

Client: Chichester Free School

Filming Locations: Disused Carmelite Convent in Hunston, Chichester

Final video of a long term timelapse project of a Chichester Free School, that sums up the entire construction process since the beginning until the final stage.

In this video we are combining all 18 months timelapse footage. We’ve made a visual comparison of a before and after stages of a construction process, using internal, external and aerial drone footage.

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16-18 months

4th update on long-term project which is approaching completion towards the end of summer 2018. Such an exciting project to everyone of us witnessing a history being made.

During this building stage we had pleasure to photograph VIP event that took place on site with Her Grace The Duchess of Richmond, Chichester Free School Heads of Departments, Farrans Director and management, members from the School Board of Governors, also a Press Atendees from Chichester Observer.

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9-15 months

3rd update on long-term project. The site now looks entirely different to what it was couple of months ago and we’re starting to see how graceful the entire project is going to look once it gets finished.​

After long and rainy autumn and stepping into new year everyone were eager to see the progress of a development made throughout this construction stage. And indeed this stage introduced massive changes to both: exterior and interior of a building, also to its surroundings.

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4-8 months

2nd update on this unique construction project. This stunning old disused Carmelite Convent in Hunston is on a fast-track to re-born as a Chichester Free School. Such an exciting project to everyone of us witnessing a history being made!​

Throughout this construction stage we had pleasure to cover the Chichester Free School Art Competition Awards event, also we had a chance to show our skills in exterior and interior architectural photography. With our photos we managed to showcase the latest steal framework technologies used in the project.

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1-3 months

We are so excited in being trusted to document this unique transformation from Carmelite Covent to Chichester Free school.

This project involves us working alongside with Farrans Construction , Chichester Free School , Education Funding Agency and Hunters South Architects.​

For this long term project we have deployed latest technology video equipment: self sufficient long-term timelapse cameras, motion-lapse equipment, drones and obviously cinema cameras to capture videos from a low levels.

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