Personalised Insurance Services Anniversary Video

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10th Anniversary Video

Client: Preston Insurance

Target: To vividly portray the decade-long journey of Preston Insurance Brokers, illuminating their exceptional growth and distinctive client service approach.

Filming Locations: Brighton, Peacehaven, Newhaven

Synopsis: The goal of the video was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Preston Insurance Brokers, capturing their ethos of trust, personalised client relationships, and the commitment to understanding and meeting diverse insurance needs. The focus was to showcase the company’s growth, the unique approach to client service, and their ability to handle a wide range of insurance needs, including unconventional ones.

Concept: The video narrative was crafted to tell the story of the company’s founding and evolution, highlighting the bold decision to start the company a week before Christmas in 2012, showcasing the founder’s determination and vision, emphasising the individual personalities within the team, their tailored training, and the importance placed on personal development, demonstrating the depth of client understanding and the thoroughness in ensuring clients are well-informed and covered for all eventualities, also highlighting their ability to handle unique insurance challenges, exemplified by the “i360” project in Brighton.

Outcomes: This video strengthened trust among existing clients and attracted potential clients, showcasing the company’s reliability and expertise. It also deeply moved the company’s owner and employees, reinforcing their passion and dedication to their work. The video received standing ovations at multiple large events, increasing the company’s visibility and reputation.

Conclusion: This case study illustrates how a well-crafted video can not only celebrate a milestone but also reinforce a company’s core values and service commitment. This video for Preston Insurance Brokers highlighted their decade-long journey of trust, expertise, and personalised service, making a significant impact on their brand and client relationships.